We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions for you, of course, if you have any other, you can always contact us at: biuro@topikoczarter.pl, we are happy to help 🙂


Can I count on intervention in the event of a breakdown if I charter a yacht from topiko charter?

Of course, our telephone number is at your disposal. Many problems are solved by phone. If this is a serious fault of the yacht, we will come to fix it. We try to repair every defect as soon as possible so that you lose as little as possible of your vacation.


Are there any discounts for yacht charters?

Our prices are competitive, but they can be even more so. For example, guests who rent yachts for two weeks and those who choose us once again, as well as people who decide on early yacht booking by the end of February, can count on a discount on yacht charter. In addition, it is worth following information on our website and Facebook page, there are first and last minute offers, so it is worth to like us there.


What time do I have to return the yacht?

We’d like you to return the yacht until 11:00 AM,  as we release is between 3:00 -8:00 PM. This is a general rule that we must apply in order to be able to prepare the yacht for the next crew, however, individual arrangements are possible.


Will I get any fuel and where can I refuel the yacht in Masuria?

Yes, there is a full fuel tank on each yacht, after completing the cruise please return with a full tank. On the GML route there are several gas stations, you will get a map from us of the stations and ecomarines, i.e. places where you can pump out waste, in the documents. You can also download it here (click)


How much is the advance and when should it be paid?

An advance payment is 30% of the amount of the entire charter, it should be paid after confirmation of the available date. Only after paying the advance can you be sure that the yacht will be waiting for you.

The remaining amount will be settled at the port when you pick up your yacht.


I want to go swimming with my wife, but I don’t feel capable of handling the yacht myself.

With most yachts it is possible to charter without a license,  but of course, people who have not sailed for a long time or do not feel the capability to operate a yacht themselves can use a skipper’s help. We know several recommendable competent skippers, so please report such a need in advance and we will definitely recommend someone.


I will be on Masurian lakes for the first time. How do I know where to go?

On each yacht there is a map of the entire trail of the Great Masurian Lakes. On some yachts, there is also an electronic map. Trails on the lakes marked with green and red buoys are an additional convenience. Sailing between them you will reach next ports. Of course, if you express such a desire, our skipper will discuss the map, recommend interesting places to visit and draw attention to the dangers or potential threats present on the lake.


Can one use the “one way” option?

The “one way” option, i.e. starting from a different port, and ending the cruise in another is possible with us, but not always and not for every yacht. Such a need should be expressed much earlier, the price is also set individually.


What costs do I have to consider while sailing?

In addition to the fee for the yacht charter, account should be taken of the cost of mooring in ports, fuel and the cost of emptying the waste tank.


Is there a fee for cleaning the yacht?

Yes, an additional fee is charged for cleaning the yacht, you can find the amount in the yacht price list on each page.


Does renting a yacht involve paying a deposit?

Before renting a yacht, a returnable deposit is charged, its amount depends on the value of the yacht (600 – 2,000 PLN), the exact amount for a given yacht can be found in the details of each yacht’s price list page.


I want to fish, where can I buy a fishing permit?

The permit can be purchased in Węgorzewo in the AQUA FART store (ul. Gen. Bema 31)


Are there life jackets, cutlery, bedding?

Each yacht is equipped with a set of life jackets. If you are resting with small children, we also have smaller vests for them. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need to prepare and serve meals – from pots, through bowls to cutlery and plates. Bedding/sleeping bags on your own. It is also possible to order bedding additionally, at a price of 60 PLN for a set for 1 person for the whole cruise (comforter, pillow, duvet cover, sheets) and towels (2x – small and large) – 20 PLN. Please order bedding and towels when booking a yacht.


I can’t imagine a vacation without my dog. Can I take it to the yacht?

Yes. We have nothing against animals on the yacht. However, it is good to check first how your dog reacts to water, for many animals it is a stressful experience. It is necessary to provide it with a life jacket. You will also need to return the yacht earlier due to cleaning, which takes much longer.


Where can I safely leave my car?

approx. 200 m from the port there is a guarded car park at a price of 15 PLN /day.


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Online yacht booking

Complete online yacht booking is a convenience we have been striving for a very long time. As our company grew, more yachts appeared and meeting this need became very important to us. First of all, we wanted to make it easier for you to book a charter so that you can do it quickly and transparently. Of course, our phone and e-mail are available at all times and we will gladly answer all your questions. You are just looking for the most suitable yacht for yourself because, for example, you want to spend your vacation in Masuria with children. You are looking for advice on which yacht to choose for your first cruise, maybe this article will help you. Naturally, the booking system is supposed to improve and simplify it for you and us, but nothing can replace direct contact with another person. We will gladly advise you!


We wanted the online booking to contain all the options you need and to be convenient to use so that you can book your yacht charter with just a few clicks. We knew that we could not compromise here using simple, generally available online booking tools, and that we want to do it properly with a tool fitted to our site, anticipating your various needs. A comprehensive yacht booking panel will be available here soon. You will be able to choose not only the yacht and date of the planned cruise, but also check the best charter prices and choose any additional options such as bedding, skipper or an extra sail. The system will also calculate the amount of the advance and prepare a charter agreement for you. We are making the finishing touches and we believe that this option will be available soon. Meanwhile, we encourage you to complete the inquiry form, we often check the inbox and reply to your questions as soon as possible.